Package Substation

Packaged substations are tailored to individual customer requirements using products from the comprehensive range, providing a convenient, single source packaged substation with minimum time and cost. Flexibility is provided through tailored configurations from the wide choice of products available, including:

  • Transformers from 200kVA to 3MVA

  • Extensible and non-extensible Ringmaster range MV switchgear

  • LV SAIF and shielded fuse gear

  • LV ACB and MCCB feeder pillars and cabinet

  • Automation & monitoring systems

Substation Kiosk

Substation Kiosk

Closed View

Closed View


  • Directly mounted MV switchgear and LV fuse gear: Smaller foundations

  • Costly cabling eliminated: Reduces overheads

  • Can be delivered as a single unit: Improved logistics

  • Direct and controlled factory assembly of switchgear onto the transformer: Safe

  • One point of contact: Easy specification


  • Energy

  • Infrastructure

  • Commercial

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